Fabrics Guide

Lorenzé Collection proudly introduces our premium and exclusive selection of blended fabrics.

Nylon X

Our Nylon X Spandex is made from the perfect blend of Nylon and Spandex fibres. The fabric provides abrasion protection as well as good stretch and elasticity due to its spandex content.

Key Features

  • Highly expandable yet retains its original shape
  • Extremely comfortable on the skin with a lightweight and supple feel
  • Resistant to body oils and perspirants
  • A static free fabric that is abrasion and pile resistant 

Cotton X

Our Cotton X Spandex is the ultimate fabric soft to the touch and durable to wear during all seasons. The fabric provides the perfect balance of function and comfort which makes it the preferred choice.

Key Features

  • Beyond breathable and flexible fabric
  • Superior physical and luxe texture quality on the skin
  • Elasticity that allows a relaxed comfort to fit
  • Soft, smooth, and lightweight

Polyester X

Our Polyester X Spandex is the perfect anti-wrinkle fabric that is firm fitting and compliments your silhouette. The material has slightly cooling properties which also make it UV resistant.

Key Features

  • Resistant to shrinking and abrasions
  • Light weight fabric that is quick drying
  • Bright and bold colour pigmentation
  • Simple, low maintenance, easy to wash laundering