Our Story

He always saw her as exceptional, daring, passionate and ground-breaking.

She was bold, feminine, strong and empowering. 

Together, they aspired to create a collection that was grand, inspiring, audacious and modern. 

Lorenzé Collection is the original fashion fusion genre which breaks the barriers that separate sportswear with luxury street wear. Combining athleticism and leisure wear, we are the catalyst of the newest trends in the market creating designs that are comfortable and daring.

Designed to transcend, Lorenzé athleisure can be worn during physical activity and exercise as well as completing errands and celebrating everyday life.

A new aesthetic that is visually appealing and allows our customer to become moving art, we aspire to create the ultimate lux collections where people stop and stare.

Simple yet bold, gold details highlight our collections which represent wellness, strength, power and wisdom, qualities in which the Lorenzé women values and represents.

The Lorenzé Woman

The Lorenzé woman is someone who appreciates the luxuries and finer details of life.

She is effortless, impactful and challenges the norm.

She dares to be unique and leaves her signature style and sass wherever she travels.

She is worldly and determined.

She is everything all at once.

She is you.